Scanning Your ID

Have you ever considered scanning your ID? We already know how hard it can be to find identifying papers for people who are deceased, i.e. stopped, not moving anymore.

Don’t imagine this, (because I don’t want you imagining terrible things) but just lightly consider what it would be like if your wallet and/or the rest of your ID was destroyed in some catastrophic happening.

In these times of manic bureaucracy do you really want to make this harder than it has to be?

About twice a year I go through all of the identification cards in my wallet, cleansing my outdated cards and scanning anything new. I add the new scans to my  password-protected folder called ‘Legal’. Inside of that are sub-folders containing all of my identification, my power of attorney agreement, a copy of my Will, my online tax returns, medical prescriptions, etc.

In my ‘identification’ folder I have 29 items; birth certificate, bank cards, car insurance, driver’s license, health card, passport, credit cards. It goes on. You might be shocked how many cards and pieces of paper identify you if you look around.

I also have a paper-based system called ‘Legal’ for any paper I don’t carry around in my wallet.

Then I have a series of READ ME files describing various aspects of my life; HEALTH, FINANCES, COMPUTER, etc. that I update almost weekly because my life changes so fast.

I wasn’t thinking about catastrophic events when I first set this up. I was thinking about being considerate to my executor (who will be paid in the final analysis but likely not enough) or my representative if I’m in some version of medical purgatory.

So, an important part of this is letting someone know where all this information is and making it as easy as possible for them to access it when it’s necessary.

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