September 11, 2001 Remembered

At 1PM (4PM New York time) I turned on the television. It was an old television with one channel. Monday to Friday at 1PM I would watch a favorite show for an hour, kicking the box every few minutes to keep the picture tube running, and then turn it off.

When I saw ‘Breaking News’ along the bottom of the screen I felt irritated. It was my one hour of television a day and it was being interrupted by ‘news’.

A split second later a plane sliced through a tall building in a huge fireball. I thought it was a trailer for a blockbuster movie. Panicky voices in the background. Maybe it was a real plane with bad steering?

The next thing I remember it was a month later and a friend and I were trying to talk about it. All I could say was, ‘I just sat there for days, I couldn’t even brush my teeth.’

The clip of veteran news reporter, Dan Rather, crumpling to the floor pretty well summed it up for me.

People can hate other people enough to be willing to die to kill them. And both sides always feel justified.

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