Source Citations: Here We Go Again

It’s been a tiring week and it’s just getting revved up here. This thing about source citations. Someone posted a link to The Genealogy Police on their big important genealogy blog and it’s sending a stream of new traffic over here. At the other end, some little fella has grouped me in his ‘social history research’ experiment as someone who doesn’t care about sourcing. He obviously hasn’t seen my blog before. Hey, Harold, ever heard of MRIN Filing? Maybe IPTC?

Having spent a few years studying marketing, I know the purpose of being online at all is to get as much attention as possible. But, for some reason, I’m not real gung-ho about it. Hence, I still don’t have a Facebook account. And being caught in the middle of a war-zone makes me sleepy. It’s not like, “Hey, JL, get your sword, it’s time to go into battle!” No, I just get in a mood to crawl into a dark corner and sleep for a long time.

As y’all who have been around here for awhile know, this is a pretty laid-back low-tech place to hang out. It’s just me, my pajamas, photos, paper, scanner, erasers. I’ve had my moments but I’m not terribly obsessive about it all. OK, I’m a little bit obsessive when it comes to old photographs. I’ve got a pretty good overall view of my ancestors by now, except for a couple of seemingly insurmountable brick walls on my mother’s side.

From a very early age I heard that I was part Cherokee. I’ve never been able to prove that and I’m hoping that the new FamilySearch integration will help me out. Maybe there’s a cousin somewhere who’s quietly working away but isn’t online yet and might be enticed to come out. I’m not in a position health-wise or financially to go up and down the East Coast looking for myself.

Just the other day I found out that Hildreth Meiere is a cousin of mine. Living in Canada most of my life, this is how I learn U.S. history. I’d never even heard of Hildreth til she showed up as a cousin. So, that’s how it goes. Wow! Look! Surprise! I love it when I find out I’m related to someone who can be found in Wikipedia. Here you go on a silver platter …

Of course I will add source citations to her. I mean, I wouldn’t think of doing otherwise.

8 thoughts on “Source Citations: Here We Go Again

  1. Yvonne

    You’re a hoot. I’ve subscribed to you forever, and I’m glad you’re finally making me laugh. I was worried about you when you lost all your photos, and you really freaked me out about Google! 🙂

    1. JL Post author

      It took you this long to get my sense of humour? Huh. It’s OK; some people never get it.

      Why were your worried about me losing my photos? Did you think it was a communicable disease? I got them back; it just took awhile. And Google – Google who? I rarely go there anymore and, surprisingly, I don’t miss them.

        1. JL Post author

          It’s a quiet, subtle thing like a fine wine. It takes growing into. This is post #412. You’d better start reading backwards.

          1. JL Post author

            Yvonne … JL is an old woman. The correct salutation is, “Yes, old ma’am.”

  2. Sheri Fenley

    I have also been reading you since like forever, although I seldom if ever comment. Don’t know why I am doing it now, must be something in the air or maybe my adult beverage that I am sipping?

    It takes a snark to know a snark and you have got what it takes. I appreciate your refreshing candor and your ability to see beyond the crap that seems to be floating around the genea-blogging world as of late.

    The way I look at it is this: It’s pretty good entertainment to sit back and read/watch the show and best of all? It is free. Participation is optional which leaves me stress-free and able to enjoy watching/reading the sh*t fly back and forth.

    So pull up a chair, you’re welcome at my table anytime.

    1. JL Post author

      It’s good when people comment. It lets you know you’re not talking in a void.

      I make no pretense to professionalism here. If I ever say anything useful it’s purely incidental.

      I read someone the other day who said when they started their blog they didn’t know there was a huge community already in existence. It seems to me I started in a similar place. Just wandered in by accident. Every time I run into The Big Guns I think maybe it’s time to pack up my naivety and wander back out.


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