Survey Update

Here’s a funny thing. Remember the survey I ran last November? Well, it was supposed to run for only one month because the company that hosts the surveys charges by the month. So I paid for one month and after the allotted time I shut it down, leaving my account open in case I wanted to do another survey someday.

Well, I was going through my JLog pages and I noticed that the survey link is still ‘live’ which of course it would be. But I started wondering what might be going on at the other end. So I clicked on it and it took me straight to the survey. What I was expecting to see was a banner saying, Sorry, this survey has ended. But there’s no banner, just the survey, Alive & Well. So I logged into my account, and sure enough, some of you have been chatting away in there for months.


I can’t download your comments anymore, so I’ve had to copy and paste them out of there (kind of messy). It’s mostly complimentary. (Thank-you…) I’ll scour through when I get a chance for anything I can address more specifically. If there’s anything pressing on your mind right now, please leave a comment.

How’s it going with the estate planning? I’ve been having a bit of scanfest here, catching up on a few documents I missed. Just minor items like my birth certificate and immigration papers. I found a card in my wallet that expired in 2005.  The cards are stacked in there 4-6 deep in each pouch built-for-two and I’ve been holding it together with scotch-tape for years. What it needs is some duct-tape and a couple of nails. My favorite card is this one:

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