Technology Fatigue

We live in a time of many strange diseases. Technology fatigue is one of them.

One of my monitors got tired and died. I stepped out of the room for a minute and when I got back one of them was black. Up and died, just like that. When suddenly confronted with the situation, it occurred to me I don’t really need a computer. Do I? It’s not my child or my aging mother or anyone who seriously requires attention. What about me? Do I get to be tired? Do I get to turn black any time I feel like it?

SkypeSort of. I canceled my long distance plan the other day in a fit of rage when I found out they’d tacked on something called ‘administration fees’ which increased my 6 cents/minute cost to $2.95/month + per minute charges. I don’t remember being informed about that although apparently I’ve been paying this charge for the past six months.

Since I hardly ever make a long distance call, with the ‘admin fee’ I could easily be paying $1/minute. I can put a $10 credit on my Skype account and have long distance for the next 3 years. But, then I’d need a computer. We’re locked in, coming or going.

I fiddled around with the monitor buttons for awhile to no avail; still black. I unplugged it and tossed it on my couch. Then I thought what the heck, might as well call LG and tell them about it. If I’d had one lick of attitude from their tech support I would have hung up. But he picked up on my deep sense of weariness and decided not to aggravate it.

The next thing I knew he had walked me through everything I needed to order a replacement monitor and return my old one, shipping paid both ways. Technology is so cheap now they don’t even attempt to fix monitors, they just replace them. All I had to do was get out the box, pack it up, lean it against the wall and wait for Purolator to arrive.

Since it’s been The Week of Technology Fatigue, I thought I’d go the whole nine yards and quit my job too. I fixed everything I said I was going to so enough already.

I’m going back to enjoying my retirement. This might sound as if I have reams of free-time again for genealogy. But, that remains to be seen. Every time I wake up I feel like sleeping 10 more hours so I’m sleeping til I don’t feel tired anymore. When I have any energy at all, I’m visiting all the parks in town.

6 thoughts on “Technology Fatigue

  1. Gini Webb

    I very much enjoyed this post, I too smiled from ear to ear. Sometimes, I feel like turning “black” or just plain tired of trying to keep up! Enjoy sleeping in and whenever you like, you earned it!

    1. JL Post author

      What are we trying to keep up to? That’s what I’m wondering. It wasn’t so long ago I didn’t even have a telephone. A friend would take calls for me and put a sign up in her window when I had a message so I could see it when I drove past. I ‘checked my messages’ not more than once every 10 days when I was out for groceries.

      If people are in a bigger hurry than that, they can still gallop their pony up to my backdoor and shout.

  2. Karen Packard Rhodes

    I sympathize. What I picked up on is this ever-pervasive concept of disposability. We are throwing everything away instead of fixing what we have. Are we eventually going to forget how to fix things? That came to be a worn-out device in science fiction in earlier decades (IMHO), but it is becoming frighteningly real.

    Heck, you can’t even find refills for many refillable ballpoint (or gel or whatever) pens; you just throw the whole shebang away and get a new one. No wonder the landfills are overflowing.

    Yeah, we all need to slow down. I like JL’s messaging method!

    Congratulations on the Top 100 selection!

    1. JL Post author

      I didn’t realize I was so profound; just tired. We get ensnared in all this technology because it’s made so easy for us and increasingly difficult if we don’t.


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