Thank You!

Thank you. Bless you all for not voting me into the Family Tree’s Top 40. I don’t even care why; I just thank you for not doing it. I’m happy right where I am without the pressure of expectations.

As I’ve been intimating for the past year or so I’m trying to wrangle the circus of my computer life down to the essentials. Typically, I seem to be going the wrong way on a one-way street. As the genealogy world expands wildly I’m in a mood to hunker down into a smaller space.

As I said awhile back, I’m nowhere near where computing is going, which is mobile. And I’m not at all interested in the various online family tree sites that seem to be cropping up like weeds lately. Or the blurring of lines between genealogy charts and social networking. I’m like a CRT in 2000; fast approaching obsolescence.

Meantime, the FamilySearch Tech site practically plagiarized my tag line: technology tips for genealogists and family historians. They’ve got it down way better than I ever could so I gladly pass it over to the pros. Just beware of anyone recommending your photos to Picasa. Other than that you’re probably in good hands over there. I hope everyone has their copy of GeoSetter by now.

My whole focus seems to be shifting lately. Every project I throw myself at feels like pushing a boulder uphill. So I’m waiting to see where I land. I’d rather people tell me what they want help with than spend my time going in circles about not-much and filling the air being the local clown. It’s simply more efficient and leaves me hours of wide open space to do other things.

Sam got her laptop yesterday. She walked into a store in her small town and bought the only one on the shelf. Understandably, she said, “At my age, I don’t want to wait.” That coupled with a refusal to shop online. Myself, I would never marry a computer I met on a blind date. On Friday a tech comes to hook up her wireless modem. And then we can get back to screen-sharing. I figure within a year Sam will be up to speed to start her own blog.

One thought on “Thank You!

  1. Margaret E

    I like your new tag line! Especially the \simple\ part!!! I have the same feelings about expansion. I love technology when it works easily. But taking the initial steps to try something new are always difficult. Getting my iPod for Christmas 2006 (gosh has it been that long!) was one of the simplest transitions I’ve made. Getting music onto it worked very smoothly. My discovery of podcasts was a revelation. I wish all my techno-explorations were as fruitful.


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