The Banishing: When Quakers Are Not Descended From Presbyterians

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I banished 1,377 distant (Quaker) cousins today. They’re not cousins so says an email contact. They weren’t even friends with the Presbyterians I thought they were descended from.

OK, so historical religious affiliations and wars are not my strong suit. I have family that was brought up Episcopalian and now they’re Pentecostal. It can happen.

We all, who are interested in this line, have had one measly source from 1957 to base our conclusions on and when that’s all you’ve got, well, that’s all you’ve got. Or, all you’ve gotten around to so far.

Taking her at her word (although I’m having second thoughts) this is what I had to do.

1. Delete that line of descendants from the wiki.

2. Unlink that branch from the main tree. That’s one-click in Legacy. They are now listed under Tree Finder as an extra tree. I could delete them (because they might never come back) but it makes me sad. I need a day or two to grieve first. And what if they do come back?

3. Use Dennis Kowallek’s LTools to add MRINs to the User ID fields. Tag everyone in Legacy and then click the button in LTools.

4. Do a Focus Group search in Legacy to separate out that line, clear all tags, then tag the Search results.

5. Do a Detailed Search for that tag number with MRIN less than 805 (my present highest on that section). Go through the Search Results on one monitor picking out all sources used in that line from my Source Library on the other monitor. That took quite awhile but it could have been worse. I had not yet reconfirmed every single source for 1,377 dead people.

6. Go through the list again picking out all related MRINs from ‘Beeken MRIN’ (so meticulously set up while taking inventory).

That pretty well toasted my day. I didn’t know they were Quakers til this morning, but just a little research tip on the side. If you ever see 1,377 Quakers consistently intermarried with Quakers for 280 years they might not have descended from Presbyterians. But a Presbyterian might have married a Quaker and begat nothing but Quakers from that point on. I have a line like that. Don’t be so sure.

2 thoughts on “The Banishing: When Quakers Are Not Descended From Presbyterians

  1. Yvonne

    I’m so sorry. Should we have a wake or something? Or is that even appropriate, since your relationship with them was only Presbyterian, 1377 times removed Quaker?

    1. JL Post author

      No, that’s fine. They’re gone. Not totally gone though. I’m keeping them in an unlinked tree in case I find out they’re really mine after all. I don’t think I could stand re-entering 1,377 peeps plus their source documents. Once was already once too many. Apparently.


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