The Mayans, Part 1: A Glimpse of The Future

According to the experts the creation cycles of the Mayan Calendar end on October 28th, just a few short weeks from now. What might happen at that point depends on your general orientation to the world right now.

MayansFundamentalists think it could be the time when the non-believers will be fried right out of their shoes Praise The Lord and, of course, denied The Joys of Eternal Life. Damn! They’ve been patient for a long time.

The Airy-Fairies think we’re going to live together in a more harmonious and higher state of consciousness as the next and last step in the evolutionary process of our awareness on the path to becoming conscious co-creators with God. OK, sure, whatever.

People who aren’t quite sure what they believe and consequently go through life with their fingernails embedded in their flesh trying to hang onto anything say, Never mind what it means! Just Pray!!

Myself, I’m wondering if computers will still exist. I’ve gotten quite attached to mine. On the other hand, perhaps a return to simpler times is in order.

I was over at a school today talking to one of their PhD graduates. She bought a bag of lawn seed in early August.

She said, The grass didn’t grow. I watered it and everything.”

I said, “I guess they owe you your money back.”

Then I asked, “When did you plant it?”

She said, “Shortly after I bought it.”

It was 100 degrees Fahrenheit the whole month of August!

What are they teaching kids nowadays? Over five years a post-secondary education can cost about a quarter of a million dollars. Tuition, books, living expenses, travel, knick-knacks. By the age of 25 these kids can have their heads so full of high-end knowledge they’ve forgotten (if they ever knew) that blazing Sun will, invariably, toast little baby living things. That’s why planting is done in the Spring or Fall. Yes, the future could be frightening.

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