TwitterI signed up to Twitter, oh, about a year ago, to see what all the fuss was about. In short order I found out I had to write something. Like daily. Even hourly. You’re kidding, right? I write a blog … albeit sporadically … and I’m usually in a panic about what to write about here. Here’s this other thing expecting me to write too. No, no, no. Too much writing. Too much pressure.

And besides that, do people really care what I do and think all day? I’m old enough to regularly forget what I just did, or just thought, or just planned to do.  Like why am I standing with the fridge door open staring at the celery?  No idea. And you think I’m going to write about it?

So, ha, ha, very funny. I can’t sleep so I get up. I’m planning to change the colors on my blog but I check my email instead. I don’t know why. I never get email between midnight and 5 in the morning. Other people have the sense to go to sleep.

But, surprise! I have two emails from Twitter. Twitter?

So here I am, middle of the night, finding out I have two followers on Twitter. And I don’t even know what that means. So I root around in my 300 passwords to find the Twitter login.  I look under ‘Followers’ and there’s two familiar faces smiling back. And guess who? Renee Zamora from Renee’s Genealogy Blog and Mirian Midkiff from AnceStories. And probably in cahoots. Hi, Ladies! You scared me half to death. So, now what?

OK, here’s my first Twitter-like non-Twitter posting: I have nothing to say, I’m not saying anything, you couldn’t drag it out of me …

I’m going back to bed now.

4 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Miriam Robbins Midkiff

    Hee, hee! We weren’t in cahoots, but I did decide to use the “Find People” feature of Twitter late last night (about 11 PM, PST). I used the feature that checks all the e-mail addresses in my Gmail address book to check to see if any of my contacts are using Twitter. And voila! we have connected once again!

    Sorry for the scare! 🙂

  2. JL Post author

    Since you seem to be an old hand at this … how are you getting your blog feed in there? One-click auto or typing them in one at a time?

  3. Renee Zamora

    You gave me a good chuckle too. I just signed up for Twitter last night. Like Miriam I used the Gmail feature to look for contacts using Twitter – and found you. Don’t really know how much I will use it. I just had to play with it and see what the fuss was all about. I used to set up my blog feed.

  4. JL Post author

    The notifications for you and Miriam were dated 12 minutes apart so, of course, I saw conspiracy written all over it.

    I exported my address book (383 entries) to GMail, had it scanned by Twitter and nobody, nada. Boy … exciting, plugged-in crowd I hang out with. Then I set up Twitterfeed which does work.

    OK, we’re off and tweeting now. Meet you at the pass.


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