What Is This?

I decided to spend the day cleaning out my storage area because I haven’t done it for years and I’ve been tossing things any-old-where for all that time. But not cleaning all of it because that’s too much of a challenge for one day … only 8 boxes.

A few years ago I picked up this item in a second-hand store, not because I know what it is but because it looks like an organizer of some kind. Anything to do with organizing peaks my interest, life being the disorganized mess it is. And I thought I’d figure out what to do with it after I got home.

After awhile of looking at it I still didn’t know what to do with it so off to the storage area it went.

Today it’s back to haunt me. Does anyone know what it is? I dipped it in water to rinse off the dust and because I thought if I spent some time with it I might figure out what it’s good for. Obviously, some-one took the time to sew it but then gave it away to a second-hand store which does not bode well for its usefulness.

I tried putting kitchen cutlery in it but that doesn’t seem to be it. Too heavy. I’m thinking maybe ‘sock organizer’. Too small for socks unless you’re under age 5. Something to do with hanging in a closet? Possibly something I don’t own. Like multi-colored pantyhose that needs to be organized in rows by color? Do people actually do that?

12 thoughts on “What Is This?

    1. JL Post author

      Shoes?! The pockets are only 3″ wide. It would be very very tiny shoes. Yep, pencil holder maybe.

    1. JL Post author

      Keen eye there on the odd-numbered pockets! But, I’m nixing the shoe organizer theory. It’s NOT a shoe organizer. I can’t even fit a single sock into it.

  1. Jenny Lanctot

    Technically, you can store whatever you want in it. I have an old shoe organizer that I’m using to organize office supplies. Since the pockets are small, its original intent may have been a jewelry organizer (to hang in your closet for unsuspecting thieves) or something to organize craft supplies.

    1. JL Post author

      Technically, this item has me flummoxed. After Thomas mentioned the office supplies idea I hung it from the bulletin board and proceeded to empty out the Rubbermaid box I use as a drawer for office supplies into the … um, shoe organizer, and that didn’t make sense either. The pens could barely be seen, scotch-tape didn’t fit, stapler was too heavy, glue-stick disappeared from view, etc. What kind of office supplies are y’all using?

      Since I found this in a second-hand store, it may be ‘a failed attempt at … [fill in the blank]’ and I’ll never know for sure. I’m willing to use it for anything, just don’t know what.

  2. Jennifer Crockett

    My opinion is that it is rather ugly and you might be better off tossing it than trying to work out what to do with it. However you may love it – after all you did buy it :)

    1. JL Post author

      Sure, go ahead, humiliate me for my lack of good taste.

      It’s really ugly. It’s a prime candidate for the World’s Ugliest Whatever-This-Is Contest. It looks like the result of some-one’s crazy day when they had an idea for something that didn’t make it. It didn’t even come close. So they left it at the second-hand store thinking, “Maybe someone will know what to do with it.”

      I’ve already put it in the bag to be dropped off with the other donations because maybe someone will know what to do with it. I’m back to filing genealogy documents. Much more fun.

      But, hey, if someone has another idea, please do tell because the bag hasn’t left my house yet.

  3. Fred Schwilk

    Use it for cell phone, camera, converter plugs, miscellaneous USB cables and ac/dc charger cables.

  4. Susan

    I think Jenny’s right. It looks just like the jewelry organizers my mother & grandmother had in their closets to store all their pearls and diamonds. Tiaras must have been stored elsewhere. I’ve never found them…

    But I think I’d let it go. Soon.


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