Winter Arrives

Apparently, I have fans … well, OK, just one … who worry about me when I don’t write for a long time. Which is, lately, almost a month.

Because this is officially a ‘technology’ blog I think I shouldn’t sidetrack too much nattering on about other things. Not that I couldn’t.

There’s a small window in the Fall when we feel Winter coming. You know the one. This is Canada so it’s not anything to take lightly. At the very least, unless you live on the West Coast, putting snow tires on your vehicle is a good idea.

It seems like just yesterday Canada geese were sitting on the golf course honking their heads off saying goodbye. Now there’s not a blade of grass to be seen anywhere.

More snow will come and more ice and it will last about five months. According to my To-Do list the entire winter is already over-booked so I’m sorting out my priorities. That includes lots of time to sleep and ruminate.

I’ve been taking an interest in Occupy Wall Street lately and enjoying (if that’s the right word) a crash course in American politics and finance. Boy o boy.

On the telephone, my mother asked me where this is all going. What’s the next step? What do they want?

Yeah, like I would know the answers.

But here’s what I think. The economic system, as we know it, is going to collapse. The government(s) will be impotent. And we’ll be on our own.

How do I know all that? I don’t. It just seems the most logical outcome given the present circumstances. Maybe something besides ‘logic’ will save us from ourselves.

Just in case it doesn’t, I want everyone to now panic and start stock-piling food, water, medical and security supplies so when your neighbours are bothering you with their hunger you can shoot them.

OK, maybe not.

I’ve also been working on several computer re-organization projects in my spare time. You’d think I would have run out of them by now but I haven’t. Cuz got back into our shared history with a sudden passion about the same time I was going to take a break from it. That’s left me with reams of new files and questions.

As a way of sleep-walking through The Revolution, I spent some time straightening and annotating source documents to link to the latest export file from her who, by the way, tells me there’s hardly a thing left in the U.S. to buy that isn’t made in China. I think our ancestors would roll over in their graves to see what’s become of us.

I’ve also recently discovered that the time-stamp on several thousand digital photos got shifted by 8 hours so there’s a little investigative and repair work to do there.

I can’t write all the time but never fear, I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog and a handful of people who read it. So, I shall return. Or, if I don’t, my Executor has been instructed to inform you of my demise.

3 thoughts on “Winter Arrives

  1. Jasia

    I’ve been missing you too! Glad to hear you’re ok. I wouldn’t worry too much about the U.S. economy falling apart. At least not in the immediate future. Not saying it could never happen but it won’t happen before “black Friday” and the holiday shopping season is over. Nobody, not the politicians or the corporations, could survive the fallout if they messed with Christmas, lol!

    1. JL Post author

      Whew! I feel so much better knowing there will be yet another season of standing in line at the Mall.

  2. Don

    Good to read your blog. I find many helpful hints and suggestions from you so keep up the good work.


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