Balanced Life

As I’ve been intimating for the past year, I’m trying to take a second look at the concept of a balanced life, not just the train-wreck on my computer. I’ve set myself up for enough computer projects to last several lifetimes so that’s not going to work obviously.

When I started out with my mind mapping experiment, I called the center post MY LIFE. Then I proceeded to expand out into the 12 main categories of my computer filing system. Little slip of the mind there.

I forgot the rest of my actual life. The non-computer part. Funny how that happens. So, I renamed it MY COMPUTER.

Since bloggers seem to be issuing challenges and fun things to do, left and right, here’s today’s challenge. Install FreePlane.

Next. Rename the default starting point MY LIFE. Then go sideways into the main parts of your life. You’ll get onto the keyboard shortcuts in no time. Something like this:

Life Balance Wheel

You might notice I sneaked ‘My Computer’ in there. It doesn’t actually exist on a Life Balance Wheel. But it could. You don’t have to go by this. This is just someone’s idea of what makes a balanced life. I took the balance test based on this and I failed. But they’ve changed it now to where you can choose your own priorities, and they give you ideas about how to do that, but there still has to be at least eight so you’re not all stuck into one corner.

Then start expanding each main category.

Just keep going; the things you need to do and the things you think about doing. And keep going until you’ve broken each thing down into its smallest actionable step. And then take action and get balanced and happy. Or, if you’re already happy, ignore this. Kudos! It can’t be the sixth month of icky weather where you are.

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