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I went out on the Internet today looking for … um … gee, I’ve forgotten. After a twirl around here and there, going nowhere closer to my original destination … what was my original destination? … I came across BlogBridge. It’s the perfect end to this otherwise-unproductive day. I mean, don’t you find the Internet a little overwhelming?

This is a timely discovery. I’ve been thinking lately, sure, I’d like to read all the genealogy blogs. (ha, ha, ha, ha …. ha, ha, ha… ) I’d even like to be able to find genealogy blogs in some sort of organized manner. And I wouldn’t mind being able to zoom in on areas of particular interest.

So I’m new to this and all I can give you is an intro, not a whole user’s manual. BlogBridge is intended for people who need to be keeping track of hundreds of blogs a day. The ones who have to be on the cutting edge of massive amounts of information constantly or they’re 3 seconds behind the real world. My life is quite a bit slower than that, but I would like to be able to feel like I’m expanding my horizons, not just treading water. And genealogists and “massive amounts of information” seem to go together.

At first, I thought this is a one-trick pony. Another blog reader. Blog readers are good, even great, but this takes it to a whole different level.

Here’s a peek: Under “Create SmartFeed” you can type in a word or phrase of interest, specify particular criteria, and choose a source for it to search. In a split second it will bring back search results from your chosen source, say Google Blogs, and deliver them in a handy list, with your search term highlighted throughout the listings. Or it can just search all your feeds, which could be hundreds.


Now, I’m thinking I could probably just go over to Google Blogs in person and do the same thing. Well, not quite. In BlogBridge you can do this all from one place and have all your search results on one screen. As many topics and feeds from as many different places as you want, all organized in one place. It’s not likely you (or anyone) would read 400 or 600 blogs a day, but you can have access to them all and skim through finding what you really want. Or use the built-in search function. Finally, the Internet, at least the blogging world, has become considerably smaller.

This all exists on your hard-drive, not some place you have to log-in to get to. There’s a very short and simple installation first. After that, on the far left you set up Guides, which means folders for your main topics of interest. The middle column is your list of Feeds. And the far right are the Articles themselves. This is only the most basic of it and it doesn’t take long to get going. There are Guides on a variety of subjects already included. The BlogBridge website is worth looking around in for tips and tricks.



I will be learning this for awhile. Most everything else I’ve read so far in the How-To went right in one side and out the other. Like I said, it’s built for the pros. And besides that it’s past my bedtime and I’m propping my eyes open.

While I’ve been writing this, it’s been sending up little notifications in the bottom right corner that it’s added more articles to my Genealogy category. Cool.

Oh, by the way, this is the Basic version and it’s free, free, free. It installs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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