Canto Single User | MediaDex Upgraded

Canto Single UserIt’s official. Canto Single User is the same insanely complex software as MediaDex.

It has the same help file with the same uselessly-small graphics.

They changed the icons, shape and color, on the main menu. Whoopdeedoo. They removed the most important one (add assets) and added one for configuring the screen layout. (That’s nice.)

The new ‘photo editor’ can hardly be called an editor. It can crop and re-size photos and change brightness levels.

The slideshow works now without crashing the program. That’s nice.

The search options in MediaDex were simple to access from the menu bar; this is a pain.

You can create and play QuickTime movies from your pictures. Big deal.

It’s still missing a simple way to rename files.

If you’re an organizing junkie you’d probably like it, but be prepared for a long hard slog to learn this software.

If you’re determined, please read my post called MediaDex Primer.

Don’t get me wrong. I liked this software, having made it past the intense learning curve to a basic level of usability. But it cost me $80 a year and a half ago. I don’t see what suddenly makes it worth $400. Because they changed the color of the icons?

(Update: Apparently the form of IPTC they use/used is/was all messed up as well. I found out after I moved to GeoSetter. So, nix on this product. Entirely.)

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