Computer Inventory, Part 3

If you ask me, we’re taking our computers way too much for granted. How much of your important life stuff is on a computer?”

Having established my 12-category filing system in Computer Inventory, Part 2, I’ve now moved on to creating or updating my READ ME files.

I’m putting them all under PERSONAL so anyone (i.e. power of attorney, executor) looking for what they think is most important doesn’t have to go rooting around from folder to folder.

Assuming, after my death, or even after my ability to rub two thoughts together coherently is gone, there’s still a functioning computer somewhere in the vicinity, these files are also backed up to flash-drives and an external hard-drive.

I had to laugh at myself. I was trying to figure out a way to give a friend of mine access to my private files without actually giving him the  files or the Master Password to them until he needs them. It’s been on my to-do list for months as an unsolvable quandary. Well, blow me down, yesterday it finally got through the fog of my byte-addled brain.

WRITE A LETTER, (you know, that thing we used to do with pen & paper) PUT IT IN AN ENVELOPE WITH HIS NAME AND PHONE NUMBER ON THE FRONT AND TACK IT ON THE BULLETIN BOARD. “Dear Friend, This is an introduction to what you need to know, including the Master Password to information meant only for your eyes after my incapacitation…” …etc.

If something happens to me, the first people to be contacted will be the other folks who live at this same address. My landlord will break into my apartment with a coat hanger and there it is. Who to call.

Of course, I typed this letter out on my computer and saved it so I can update it as needed. Then I printed it using my digital printer. Duh.

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