Desktop To-Do List: Month 3

Since January 1st, I’ve worked the desktop to-do list down to where I’ve finished some of my 2012 goals. The ones that had a ‘have-to’ feel about them.

I haven’t finished all those either so don’t think I’m on top of it or anything. I still haven’t sewn my winter pants. Maybe in time for next year.

I made the mistake of deleting the ones that were done so I’ve already forgotten what they were and I can’t brag to you about them.

I hid the rest of them in preparation for March 21st because I’m not going to spend all of 2012 in front of a computer screen. I know I’ve threatened this before. I’m just saying.

Desktop To-Do List

Then I put the hidden to-do’s back on a single mind map. It was so big it didn’t fit on my desktop, so I copied and pasted the lists into desktop post-its.

It’s a pretty good way to assure that I feel nauseous every time I boot up to check my email.

Although I love mind maps and use them a lot, obviously the advantage of post-its is that they can be edited directly on the desktop and they’re rectangular so they fit better. I like to see my lists all at once and be able to put into perspective what I’ve set myself up for in my remaining years on Earth. And, because it’s obviously insane, I can then excuse myself and take a hot bath.

It’s not all my lists, just a few of them. My Legacy to-do list has 45,331 items, not including the 1940 census. If I can figure out a way to print them as simple text, I can try to fit them on my other monitor. As below. So they’re on my mind all the time.

Desktop To-Do List

Using the search options in Legacy, I was able to come up with the following types of to-do’s:

Missing Sources:
Birth Date & Place
Death Date & Place
Burial Date & Place
Cause of Death
Marriage Date & Place

Missing Information:
Birth Date
Birth Place
Death Date
Death Place
Marriage Date
Marriage Place
Burial Date
Burial Place
Cause of Death

And that’s not everything. Just as far as I got. The 1940 census only adds another 95, surprisingly. I must have mostly long-ago dead people. You do realize, don’t you, that you’re never going to finish your genealogy?

Cuz is off doing Spring-things. We haven’t yet decided to share a database (although I still think it’s possible) but we have, each following our own instincts, come to a fairly close agreement on a filing system. Which is, considering our very different natures, quite a step.

The birds are chirping, snow is melting off the rooftops, it’s time to move.

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