EverNote 2.2 Clipper Workaround, Part 2

EverNote 2.2Mystery contributor has sent the second part of the EverNote 2.2 clipper workaround for anyone interested. Regular programming will resume shortly.

I think a little more explanation about a couple of things may be in order.

There are two AHK scripts because I am a novice at writing the code. I wanted the ability to either paste and close EverNote or paste and leave EverNote open for further editing of the entry. Many times the title and tagging needs to be done after pasting into EverNote.

There are two changes that have to be made to point to the right folders where your information is stored.

First, in the AHK scripts files,

Loop, E:\!Dropbox\My Dropbox\My EverNote Files\DataBases\*.enb

must point to your EverNote files. I currently have eleven EverNote files to match my areas of interest.

Second, in the Customize action of click.to,


must point to where you store the two AHK scripts.

Here is the window that is presented to you from the Evernote.ahk script.

EverNote 2.2 databases

As you can see, all my EverNote files are in my Dropbox folder. You can have as many files as you want. You can double-click a file or select it followed by OK.

I place the copy of my AHK script files in my QuickLaunch folder so I can paste from any program that uses the Clipboard directly. Opening the AHK script file directly will open the window above.

3 thoughts on “EverNote 2.2 Clipper Workaround, Part 2

  1. Rick

    This looks like it would be great. I tried it, but what happens is that right after the box of EN files pops up, I get a message that says Windows is unable to locate the program that opens the file, and I am not able to go any further. This happens with both autohotkey scripts. I tried setting a file association so that EN is the default program that opens my EN files . . . but all that does is actually copy whatever EN file I click on in the box to my EN notebook, not exactly what I had in mind ­čÖé Also, don’t know if this is significant or not, but my EN files are .exb, not .enb as in your example.

    Thanks for all the work you have done . . . if you have any suggestions or ideas, I would love to hear them.

    1. JL Post author

      The fact that you’re talking about notebooks leads me to think you’re using a version of EverNote beyond v.2. This workaround is intended to work with EverNote 2.

  2. Rick

    Yep . . . you’re right. I am working with EN 4. Well, maybe someday, you will be able to update this for EN 4, hint, hint. EN is an excellent product but getting it to play nice with FF does not seem to be much of a priority for them. The Clipper will not install for the most recent versions of FF. Thanks for pointing me to click.to . . . I am using it at the moment with FF and EN, and may start to look at some other things I can do with it.


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