EverNote 2.2 Clipper Workaround, Part 1

EverNote 2.2The following was submitted for posting by a regular JLog reader. It addresses compatibility issues with the EverNote 2.2 clipper button. The purpose of the workaround is to be able to paste directly to EverNote as was possible in earlier browser versions.

I haven’t tried it yet. Please report back if you do. I have installed click.to and it looks simple enough to work with. Even if you’re not interested in EverNote 2.2click.to is a fascinating and useful tool.

I have taken three independent thoughts to allow me to use EverNote 2.2 in any application that can copy to the Clipboard including Firefox 9.0.

First was Anita’s comments about CTRL-ALT-V option in EverNote.

The problem was that EverNote needed to be open to paste the Clipboard.

Anita 9-22-2011 at 6:16 PM

Yes, you’re welcome. I was desperate to get this to work. I’ve been using EverNote 2.x for some years now, both at home and at work. A couple of things I discovered during my experimentation:

a) You have to have EverNote running, first – but you don’t need to switch to it at any time.

b) You have to have the CTRL-ALT-V option checked in the Tape Option settings as I mentioned
in my previous post

c) This functionality appears to work in ANY application, not just Firefox, so…
selection + copy + CTRL-ALT-V will copy ANYTHING into EverNote

As Rebecca mentions below, this isn’t as one-click easy as using the web clipper, but at least we don’t have to lose the functionality.

Second, I ran across an program which could send a copy of the Clipboard to an application called click.to.

I needed a way of automatically connecting these two thoughts with a third one.

Third, I wrote two AutoHotKey scripts to solve this problem.

One is evernote.ahk.

(Right click and ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’ to download.)

I wrote a second script that would paste the Clipboard and stay open called evernote (paste).ahk

There was a small problem of click.to only opening .exe files and not .ahk.

I copied the .ahk and created .exe files to get click.to to accept the path.

Then I edited it back to .ahk inside of click.to. (see below)



EverNote 2.2 Clipper Workaround, Part 2

8 thoughts on “EverNote 2.2 Clipper Workaround, Part 1

  1. HansBKK

    This seems pretty exciting for me, but a bit more background information might be helpful.

    Would it be possible for you to update this post (or maybe add comments to the scripts?) with a bit more explanation as to what the scripts are doing here?

    For example, why do you need two separate ones?

    Also I’m not sure about the use of “click.to”, especially for confidential information, apparently they route everything through their “cloud”, and it looks to me like they’ll have access to all my account information if I want to use their “social sharing” features. Maybe privacy isn’t such a concern for your case. . .

    Is the only purpose of this in your workflow saving keystrokes/clicks when you don’t already have the target ENB open?

    1. JL Post author

      I think the person who submitted this post did a pretty good job of laying it out clearly. As I said at the top I haven’t tried this yet myself. The person who submitted this idea says it does work as it is. And, yes, the idea is for click.to to paste directly to EverNote without having to keep the EN database open. Just like the EN clipper used to work.

      click.to does offer a lot of default sites they route to but it’s also possible to add your own. I wouldn’t necessarily use the social networks. Maybe Notepad would come in handy. I can’t answer all your questions. This is as new to me as it is to you. If you learn something through your own experience perhaps you’d like to share it here.

  2. HansBKK

    OK, thanks, hopefully the original author can join in at some point.

    Personally I probably won’t take the time to duplicate this, as for those topic domains still “stuck” in EN the universal clipper works fine for me, and as I posted above I’m trying to wean myself away from dependence on EN, and therefore have my hands full with various tools targeting my “eternal plain text + folders” approach.

    But it’s likely I’ll be doing more with AutoHotKey, and possibly click.to (if I find they don’t route local-only data transfers through their cloud), so if I gain EN_2.2 relevant insights I’ll remember to post back here.

    Thanks again for “keeping the flame burning” on EN_2.2, it’s likely to remain an essential tool for me for many years to come. . .

  3. Bill Jensen

    Hello – thank you for this website. I have been using Evernote since around 2007. I’m now on a Win7 64-bit laptop and it continues to be a daily tool. I refuse to move to “the cloud”. Even though you can set up Evernote (new) to save your data only to your PC – you still have to have an account with them and you must log in at least once to access your data. Sorry – not for me. My data = my data.

    So here’s my problem and I’m hoping for some kind assistance from this community. I regret not having purchased the license for Evernote because now (yes – in 2014), there are some advanced features that I think I’d like to try. If Evernote (the company) would sell it to me (they won’t) I’d buy it.

    SO – if there’s someone out there who no longer uses their license and could transfer it to me, I would be very appreciative.

    I’d like to test out some of the synchronization options which might be very helpful for a project I’m working on. If I can’t obtain a license, I may have to hack together a screen/keyboard autokey macro of some sort. I know I’ll be able to make it work – but it could take days of programming versus using features just built in.

    I’ll post my email just in case someone wants to communicate privately with me. Thanks for any assistance / guidance.

    Bill6688 at sendinfo dot com

    Bell Jensen

  4. Bill Jensen

    Hmmmm … maybe you’ve solved it for me? I downloaded the version you have available here and now it seems that the synchronize feature is available.

    So perhaps the version you have on the website is a fully operational one?

    I need to “play” with it a bit more, but if so … .THANK YOU!!!

    (and if not — Thank you also for being a resources for us old-timer Evernote users).


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