Family Tree Maker 2008

Family Tree Maker 2008 is now available for pre-order. It will be shipped to you when it is released in mid-August.

Does this look like defection from Legacy?  Not really. I’m an equal opportunity promoter of all things worthwhile.  I’m loyal to Legacy because when I was trying it I fell into it like an old armchair and forgot I was “just trying”.  A couple weeks later I thought, O rats, I missed a few, so I went back and tried those too, and still chose Legacy.

However, having had a preview of Family Tree Maker 2008 I am tempted to, if not totally defect, at least contemplate running two programs at once.

I saw a preview of this in action and I like it.

This is not an update to FTM, it’s a brand-new program written from the ground up. Anyone who’s familiar with the old interface will see what I mean. Here are some of the features:

  • A new People interface that combines elements of a pedigree chart and a family group sheet, making it much easier to enter, view and edit your data

Family Tree Maker 2008

  • Features that make it easy to manage photos and other media files and incorporate them into charts and reports

Family Tree Maker 2008

  • Interactive maps and lists that show all the people in your tree associated with a particular place
  • A place authority with more than 3 million place names that helps you correctly enter localities

Family Tree Maker 2008

  • Timelines that highlight personal, family and world events that occurred during your ancestors’ lives

Family Tree Maker 2008

Other features:

  • A web clipper that lets you merge data from anywhere on the web into your tree

This is truly impressive and unique to this program. Patent pending. You can search straight from within your database and import information and sources directly from the web. If you install the Beta version you can try it out. I’d do it for you but my old computer is on the brink and can’t handle it right now.

Otherwise you can click on Family Tree Maker 2008 and that will take you to the Ancestry store. Scroll down the page and you will find some video tutorials including one called “Search” that will show you how this feature works.

  • Standardized criteria for rating your sources
  • A robust tool for sorting and managing your to-do list
  • The ability to import data from other genealogy programs, including Personal Ancestral File, The Master Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree

Family Tree Maker 2008 integrates seamlessly with, allowing you to quickly merge new facts and records into your family tree. Ancestry even does automatic searches for the people in your Family Tree Maker files and suggests records that may contain relevant information.

Family Tree Maker 2008 also includes:

  • Training Video featuring Megan Smolenyak. Watch as America’s leading family historian presents tips and guidelines for building your family tree. (DVD)
  • Our History in Images: U.S. Postcards. Add visual excitement and historical context to your family tree with more than 30,000 vintage postcards from all 50 states. (DVD)
  • 14-day free trial subscription to Search the world’s largest online repository of family history records.

The pre-order price is $29.95 until July 31st.

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