Filtering Mind Maps | Attributes & Filters in FreePlane

FreeplaneSomeone wrote to me about filtering mind maps using FreeMind. FreePlane is the same thing, just a more updated version of FreeMind.

So, I took a few minutes and made some discoveries. You can add icons and attributes to nodes and then filter them. Like adding keywords or tags to photos and then doing a search to narrow things down.

Adding Attributes

To add an Attribute, just click Alt+F9 and a box will open underneath the node.

Adding An Attribute in FreePlane

You can use any kind of annotation here that you want. Let’s say ‘T’ for tag and then a keyword that will help filter the list. I’m feeling lazy.  T| groc would do. I don’t keep a grocery list on my computer but that’s beside the point. Just an example.

Adding An Attribute in FreePlane

You can add more than one attribute to any node. Click Tab and it will open a second box.

It’s confusing to view a mind map like that so you can hide the attributes. Click View/Attributes/Hide All Attributes.

Filtering Mind Maps

Meanwhile, over at the Filter options:

Filter Options, FreePlane

If you go to Edit, you can add filters.

Filter Composer, FreePlane

These all get added to a drop-down list so you can use them whenever you need to.

Filtering, FreePlane

There’s already a default list of things you can add as a filter. For instance, icons.

Filtering, FreePlane

So if you’re using numbered icons to create priorities, you can filter that way.

Filter Composer, FreePlane

It depends how complex your life is. Filtering mind maps is another way to sort things out.

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