Free Tickets: Invitation to Evernote 3 Beta

The invitations to Evernote 3 remind me of a story from my childhood.

When I was a kid, there was a contest on the radio that went something like this:

When you hear the sound of the gong, call into Station XYZ. The first caller will win a hit single by … (I’ve forgotten the name but it was a highly desirable item.) For the younger crowd, ‘singles’ came before LP’s (I think) which came before 8-tracks which came before cassettes which came before CDs which came before MP3 players and stealing music from the Internet.

So, my sister and I hung over the radio and the telephone for what seemed like hours in anticipation of the gong, pushing and shoving each other around and arguing about who could dial the fastest. In those days you actually had to dial a telephone. I know, it’s hard to relate. Yes, there really were no push-buttons, speed-dial or redial.

The split-second, and I do the mean the split-second, I heard the gong I grabbed the receiver off the cradle and dialed like a fiend. The phone was picked up at the other end … (We won, we won!) … and the recording said, “Sorry, too slow, you lose.”

Well, my older sister, who was all of 13, just went ballistic. She got that DJ on the telephone and verbally pummeled him near to death with “Whaddya mean we weren’t first? Of course we were first, How could we not have been first?” until the poor man gave in and sent us the record.

Music never sounded so sweet.

Well, it just so happens that I have 9 invitations to Evernote 3 beta to give away. You could probably write in and request one yourself from Evernote, but you’ll probably have to wait a few days for an answer. If you’d rather have a special autographed-by-JL edition, I will send them out to the first nine …

I’m trying to think what I can bribe you for here … can’t think of anything … Please indicate to me somehow that you’re interested.

If that’s too hard just send me an email and ask. If I don’t answer you it means they’re all gone and pummeling me with emails will not work.

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