FreeMind Export Options

While waiting for my new computer I’ve become a rabid fan of FreeMind. List-maker, outliner, mind-dump.



Twenty-four mind maps do not include my to-do’s in Legacy Family Tree which, thanks to Dennis Kowallek’s LTools, added 50,000 using only a few of the available options. Most of these will never be addressed in my lifetime.

Nevertheless, I persist in thinking that it might be possible. And that is a clear indication of the audacity of a single human mind. That I can live my own very busy (and interesting, I might add) life as well as conscientiously document the lives of 11,000 other people who are dead.

Back at FreeMind, a similar situation. Thousands of to-do’s that would take decades to actually complete.

But, what I like about this is being able to see, in a holistic sense, what I’m setting myself up for. Then I can possibly talk myself out of most of it.

FreeMind has a plethora of export options.


FreeMind Export Options

If you prefer standard outlining format, you can export a mind map as HTML, then Select All, copy and paste to text. Then you can print it in a linear fashion and hang it on a wall from ceiling to floor. Then scooch over a foot and hang some more. Or you could staple it to the ceiling. Or you could stuff it into a very large pocket. The disadvantage of this is that it will not include any notes included in the lower box for extra notes.

Another option, if you want one long to-do list in a single place on your computer, is to export it as XHTML (Javascript version), then copy and paste it into something like Microsoft Word or OpenOffice where your hyperlinks and notes will be preserved in outline form.

Notes will also show up in orange boxes in the Flash Export but the text is small and doesn’t appear to be adjustable. Experiment around and see what you can do.

The best way is to try each option and see what best suits your purposes.

After I have the new computer set up –

  • move HD from D9200
  • copy files to I580
  • nuke old D9200 HD
  • put D9200 HD back in D9200
  • pack up D9200
    • shipping label and box?
  • install wireless card
  • install essential software
  • buy a wireless printer
  • etc

– the plan is to use The Action Machine to start whittling my way through FreeMind while, at the same time, keeping the rest of my life in perfect balance.

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