FreeMind: Map Your Mind

An alternative to Dia for free-form diagrams is FreeMind. Although it runs best for text.



Whereas Dia was instantly accessible to my mind, FreeMind took about 20 minutes. Make liberal use of the right-click menu to learn some shortcut keys. This can be pretty much run from your keyboard alone.

FreeMind Options

The help index itself is a mind map.

FreeMind Help Index

FreeMind Help Index

Genealogy-wise I don’t know what I’d use this for. Obviously, you can create family trees with it although there are easier ways. For me, it’s just one more way to get free of my paper scraps. You can insert images and hyperlinks and links to local files. You can link distant nodes to each other. FreeMind can be as free and wild as your mind is.

Alt+3 will switch to File Mode where you can browse your hard-drive if you need to while you’re in there.

That’s this week’s line-up of tools. I’m going back to cleaning up my computer.

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