ActionOutlineI’ve been going through my lists and updating and moving things around.

I notice I’ve written about 30 posts that involve mind-mapping in some way. I rarely use mind mapping anymore because it was one more way to spread myself all over the place. I had lists and notes in mind maps, EverNote2, The Action Machine, OneNote and various text documents. I finally went to ActionOutline and stopped stirring things with a stick.

I still like bookmarks better than the Research Toolbox idea which seemed unnecessary work to create. And my filing system works fine to show me where my research questions are so there’s no point dragging and dropping files into a mind map to see what I’ve got.

I’d like to consolidate everything I wrote about mind-mapping into one post and call it a day but I probably won’t.

And then there was a ream of posts about time management involving The Action Machine and other digital timers. Same thing there. It’s all over the place mixed in with mind mapping.

And then there’s another ream of posts about my 12-category system and taking inventory and using colored flags in ActionOutline. And more about time management.

All in search of the ultimate digital to-do system.

Two things come to mind.

One, there’s a brain balancing exercise that involves marching. Left knee and right arm up … switch … right knee and left arm up … switch. It sounds easy but I can get confused unless I focus.

Two, life is pretty simple. Like breathing. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

SO, I divided my to-do lists into IN and OUT.

IN means read, watch, listen, research.

OUT means write, publish, call, email, update, organize, create, purchase.

I created a third tab in ActionOutline called CO. That means anything where I’m dependent on someone else for collaboration.

My commitment is to delete two items per day. Or, spend an hour on a longer term project. All I have to do is DECIDE. I started the year with about 600 items. I’m down to 515 now. Low pressure sense of progress.

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