KeePass Auto-Type

KeePassSome of you are having difficulty with the KeePass Auto-Type feature so I’ll go over this again.

Auto-Type is one of the best features of KeePass and it’s definitely worth your while to learn it.  It’s not meant to confound you, in fact it’s really simple.

First double-click the URL in your KeePass database to open your chosen page in your browser.

URL, KeePass

On the log-in page, put your cursor in the user-name field as if you’re going to type something there. Then go back to your highlighted entry in KeePass. Right-click anywhere on that line and choose Perform Auto-Type. Your user-name and password will go directly into those fields on your chosen page.  This option works the most often.

Perform Auto-Type, KeePass

Perform Auto-Type, KeePass

I don’t know why it says Ctrl+V for a shortcut. I think this is a mistake so ignore it. If you look under Tools/Options and then the Setup tab, you can define your own hot key combination.

Settings/Options, KeePass

If neither of these Auto-Type options work, it has to do with the design of the webpage and nothing to do with KeePass.  I find the first Auto-Type option works fine about 95% of the time.  But occasionally there’s a web page that won’t co-operate.  There are still other options for getting around this.

You can copy your user-name to the clipboard and paste it into the appropriate field. Then repeat for your password.  Both these options are also available in the right-click menu. Highlight your desired entry first.

Copy to Clipboard, KeePass

Even simpler, just drag and drop your user-name from KeePass into the user-name field on your web-page, then repeat for the password. If you have dual monitors, this is very simple. Just drag from one screen to the other.

If you only have one monitor it’s almost as simple.  Drag your user-name and hold it over the web-page in the Taskbar, wait for it to open, then drop it into the appropriate field.  Repeat for the password.

KeePass Auto-Type

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