LastPass: Password Manager

LastPassI did it. I finally tried it. I don’t like it.

LastPass installs in your browser and sends all your passwords (encrypted on your computer) to a secure server. Only you have the Master Password to log in which also requires the email address you signed up with.

To log in to a website, just click the name of the site. Signing in is blazingly fast and efficient. That would have to be the upside. Except for the odd site it can’t interpret and I don’t know what to do about those.

Don’t like:

  • The clutter and pain of navigation. All my 321 URLs in one long list. You gotta love that scroll bar.
  • The endless options and 60 gazillion-page user manual. This is supposed to be a place to store passwords not a new bill before Congress. It makes me think I must be missing something. I’m not going to spend days finding out what.
  • Notes: can’t see them without clicking on each entry separately.
  • Export: What I got was a ream of text. Doubt if anything else could import it, if necessary.

If they got themselves a decent graphical designer I might change my mind.

Fortunately, everything’s safe back in KeePass.

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