How To Link Files To EverNote 2

EverNote 2Last week I spent another ten minutes looking around at OneNote, decided I still don’t like it and returned happily to my beloved EverNote 2.

Linking Files, EverNote

In another effort to get organized, I decided I should put links to my many video courses into EverNote 2; just drag & drop and line ’em up in a series of notes. Under some conditions, dragging and dropping files into Evernote 2 will give you this choice: ‘Insert Link’ or ‘Create New Note’ to create links to your files.

With EverNote open in your taskbar, just drag a file onto it, wait for the window to open and drop it in.

Linking Files, EverNote

As I watch videos or read PDFs on one monitor, I can write notes into EverNote 2 on the other one and have chronological order to what I’m learning and notes to refer back to. Seems a grand plan because it gives me a sense of hope. The world being what it is, every shred of control in my teeny little universe …

… makes things so nice and tidy and focused instead of a big jumble in my head.

What I discovered about this is that EverNote 2 also opens video files directly. Which I like. Click-click and here comes my video to watch.

It also works with any other type of file: text, audio, images.

Of course, if you rename your files or move them to different locations on your hard-drive they’ll become unlinked from EverNote. Because I often move my files, even when I think I’m not ever going to again, I’ve switched to a different method.

I went through EverNote and cut and pasted all previously-linked files to plain text. Ctrl+Shift+V. Although it wasn’t necessary; all I’d have to do is remember that the files are probably unlinked anyway. For anything in the future I use the same method of inserting ‘links’ but do them as plain text instead.

Linking Files, EverNoteThis way I can just use the file-names as markers instead of opening files directly. When I need to open a file, I copy and paste the file-name into my desktop search and it will immediately find the present location. If I was clicking on a broken link in EverNote I’d have to go find the file again anyway.

The other advantage of this is that my database has gotten dramatically smaller. From 120MB down to 10MB as it was before I started linking files. Really, all you need here is the file-names unless you know, for sure, you’re never going to move your files again.

Also, have a look at Auto-Import. (Works with text files, HTML and images.)

5 thoughts on “How To Link Files To EverNote 2

  1. Fred Schwilk

    I have been using Evernote 2.2 for a long time and love it. Some how Firefox upgraded to 3.6 and I lost the Clipper plugin. The is no plugin for Evernote 2.2 plugin for Firefox 3.x, only for EverNote 3.x. I think their have abandoned Evernote 2.2 users for their cloud version 3.x. I have been experimenting with EverNote 3.x to figure a way to import all my notes into the new version of EverNote even though I prefer Evernote 2.2.

    So beware, if you update to Firefox 3.x, you will not be able to use your Evernote 2.2 any more.

    Fred Schwilk
    San Jose, California

  2. JL Post author

    If anyone’s interested, here’s a link to download the portable version of EverNote 2.2. I run as much software as I can using portable versions to minimize the time it takes to reinstall applications, not to mention the space they take up on my hard-drive. Also, the portables are handy for carrying around on a flash-drive when traveling. I never had any luck synchronizing the portable version of EverNote to the desktop one, so I run the portable only to avoid confusion.

  3. AvdR

    I have used Evernote since 3 years. I paid for the 2.2 version in January 2008. Few months later this version ceased to exist and I moved over to 3. So far so good. However, version 4 is looming and with it a more aggressive soliciting to get the premium service. I just hate the nag screens.
    Is there a way to get your notes from 3.5 back into 2.2?

    1. JL Post author

      I tried v.3 several times and always went back to v.2 where my notes were still intact so I’m not sure if taking your notes to an earlier version can be done.

      In v.3 you may have a database file with an .enb extension. That’s what it’s called in v.2. You could try importing or opening that with v.2. There’s two choices under ‘File’ in v.2 – Import and Restore. I would try both of those and see what kind of results you get.

      If they’ve changed the database extension for v.3 then I think you might have an impossible time bringing that into v.2 directly.


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