MediaDex Becomes Canto Single User

MediaDexMediaDex is no more. Convoluted, but I think the story went like this. In the beginning was (still is) Canto Cumulus, corporate-level digital asset management system with a price tag so high they don’t quote it on the website. Then they came up with a single user version called MediaDex, organization minus the worldwide sharing part. Horribly abstruse piece of software with a support forum full of frustrated users. Nevertheless, potential to salivate over.

Apparently, someone else thought so, too. Now it’s become Canto Single User, being sold and supported through partners in Germany, France and Australia. So far I see there’s an image editor, watermarking and a modernized interface added. It will take more than that to impress me. Going by the price tag, I’m expecting all the bugs to be fixed and a good dash of user-friendliness added. Fortunately, there’s a trial version so I can find out.

$400 USD or $200 for the upgrade from MediaDex.

Windows and Mac compatible.

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