MRIN Filing System Addendum

For those of you who are following the MRIN Filing System I left one part out of the PowerPoint presentation.

With all files sorted into MRIN folders, there’s only one thing left; my genealogy database. Scary huge place that is, OMG. All the notes and events and research and everything.

There’s only two basic choices for your inheritors; to understand your database and use it. Or not.

Which brought me to thinking about my tech-illiterate family again. Although I’ve written what-I-think-are-simple notes to them about Legacy, I think they might disagree with my definition of ‘simple’.

These are people who are thrown into a tizzy when asked to accept an invitation to a shared Dropbox folder. When it comes to computers, they know what they know and they don’t want to know anything else. I’m trying to set up a coast-to-coast G+ hangout for Christmas. Wish me luck.

If I think my Legacy database will survive my demise, I should probably think again.

So, here’s my cure: print a Descendant Book report for all the main lines as PDF.

For this, I start with myself and go to Search/Find/Miscellaneous/Direct-line ancestors with no parents. Then tag that list.

Then go back to Search/Detailed Search and look for just the males. This kicks out a lot of unknown wives and chops the list almost in half.

Detailed Search, Legacy Family Tree

Or I could go straight to the directory of MRIN folders and print a Book report (all bells and whistles included) for each one.

MRIN Folders

There will be some overlap but it’s straightforward.

Doing it the first way gives me 40 Descendant Book reports. The second method gives me 79.

I admit, this is sounding like a lot of work. And every time I update my database I’ll have to do it over again or, at least, set a regular (monthly?) schedule for updating the reports.

If you’re absolutely determined that your family is going to have a copy of your genealogy work, whether they want it or not, what are the options?

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