New Year’s 2010

This is my New Year’s 2010 present to myself, a humongous pile of paper and four brand-new two and a half inch binders. A bystander at the cash register agreed that anything larger will break my wrists. When was the last time I had a Christmas that didn’t involve genealogy? I can’t remember.

The other day I was looking for an old vaccination certificate so I could get the address of where I lived when I was 11 years old to add to some old photos. When I was returning the box (where I did not find what I was looking for) to the shelf, the bottom fell out of it and a cascade of compressed paper splashed to the floor leaving me stunned.

I’m used to computers where there’s a Back button, an Undo option, a keyboard shortcut for it and of course, our favorite – Delete. I stood there for a full minute trying to decide which of those buttons would solve my sudden dilemma. None of them. Welcome to Earth & Gravity.

A lot of the paper is in archival quality polyurethane page-protectors, so when I tried to pick it up it went sliding all over the place like eels gone mad. I almost cried but I was too tired so I went to bed.

It’s interesting finding old addresses. I did eventually find the vaccination certificate and the address and looked it up on Bing Maps and zoomed down on the rooftop and noticed the tree is still there. The one next door that I fell out of twice, once landing on my head and knocking myself unconscious. As I got into my teen years, I traded in falling out of trees for being thrown off or jumping off horses. It’s a wonder I can still think coherently at all.

Anyway, as I was falling asleep that night, I decided it was time to try binders for a change. The paper that’s in page-protectors, that’s the easy part. It just slides right over the rings. The rest is just … well, paper. I hate the thought of punching holes in it, so there it sits, in a pile, waiting for me to decide.

On the list of top 10 New Year’s Resolutions every year (who keeps track of this?) Getting Organized is usually right up there with Lose Weight and Get In Shape. It really wasn’t on mine for 2010 but now that I’ve been forced into it …

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