Setting Goals for 2012: Desktop Mind Map, Part 3

FreePlaneI had a to-do list. I’ve had an endless to-do list for years. I did not have specific goals written down. All I had to do was work backwards putting the to-do’s in the mind map into the goals that spawned them. This is easy.

On the other hand, it might not be. Our minds don’t like ‘different’. They like ruts.

Setting Goals

Decide the areas of your life where you want to change or improve or begin something. If you don’t yet have a list, use a Wheel of Life for ideas.

Right now I have six. That could change. For sure, the details will change.

  • Computer
  • Business/Finances
  • Genealogy
  • Home
  • Health
  • Spirituality

Then start listing what you can do/want to do under each one to move toward your goals. I use mind mapping to do this. Break each idea down as far as you can into actionable steps. Progress is made through small consistent action.

The detailed to-do’s under the six categories are in plain sight on my desktop. I choose a category from my mind map and something to begin. I set a timer for 30 minutes.

Desktop Mind Map

After spending a minimum of 30 minutes in one category, I close that one down, choose a different one and continue so there’s at least a semblance of balance.

That’s at least 3 hours a day focused on specific goals. In a year, that’s over 1,000 hours. I have the other 21 hours a day for cooking, eating, sleeping, friends and family, dinging around and whatever else ‘just happens’.

Some days I might go around the wheel several times. Or it might take me more than one day to cover all six categories. The only rule (and no cheating) is that I have to go all the way around spending time in each category before starting over.

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