The Idea Book

This is one more for the Idea Book. Everyone should have one.

Someone left a brilliant comment over at Jasia’s blog awhile back. Jasia was asking for ideas on downsizing as she got ready to move from her long-time home to a smaller condo. The commenter was T.K.

T.K. has six blogs. Obviously a thinking person and she brought up the idea of “Toss Ten Things”. I like it. I’m trying to apply it to my computer.

Specifically EverNote because it seems like the place I’d have the best chance at making it work. Or bookmarks would be another good one.

The idea is to ‘toss ten things’ everyday. Although I’m not certain that ‘tossing’ is what’s required in all instances. It’s either take action, kill the idea or file it where it’s relevant.

See, I’m already going into a state of resistance. I get attached to my ideas and then I don’t want to toss them. Perhaps the best idea would be to have an Idea Book. A place to put all the ideas of things I’m going to do someday that I’m not going to do but am still attached to the idea of doing. And then they’re out of the way of my real life but I can still go visit sometimes.

My ambition is to get a lot of this into mind maps because I’ve turned into a mind mapping freak so I’m not repeating myself all over the place. That’s a great thing about mind maps. In vertical note-taking you can’t see if you’re repeating yourself. In mind maps you can so you can stop doing it.

Some of this EverNote stuff belongs in bookmarks. Sorting bookmarks is fun if you have two monitors. Put your browser on one screen and your bookmarks library on the other. It’ll be cleaned up in no time. Unless you’re like me and get wandering from link to link and forget the point.

One thought on “The Idea Book

  1. Jasia

    TK had it right. \Toss ten things\ is a good idea and one I have used with success. And now that I have finished my income tax return I really have no excuse but to get back to the purging and decluttering. Will the fun never end?

    Thanks for the shout out, JL!


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