To-Do List & Goals: Desktop Mind Map, Part 2

FreePlaneHere we are in 2012. And it only took a minute.

Since I put my to-do list on my desktop or, rather, since my to-do mind map is my desktop, it really makes me look at it. Every time I sit down there it is, in duplicate on my two monitors.

Desktop Mind Map

What occurred to me is that we can make to-do lists that go on forever. Mine, although it looks short, is good for at least another year. But do our to-do’s have anything to do with our goals? Getting through a to-do list is not a ‘goal’. It could be but just for the sake of this argument, it’s not.

Let’s look at this backwards. One of the items on my to-do list is ‘set up a Facebook account’. This has been on my list for two years. It could change but, at this point, I’m going to bet it will still be on the list at the end of 2012 unless I delete it first because I’m tired of seeing it there.

Is that particular to-do a step toward any of my goals? Not really. Ok, then why’s it on the list? Because I think I should do it? Not good enough.

Decide Your Goals

A goal is a place you want to get to, be it physical, mental, spiritual …

I want to visit/attend …
I want to learn …
I want to develop …
I want to be …

Or to change/improve career, relationships, finances, recreation, health, home, etc.

Define Your Steps

To-do’s are steps toward a goal. After defining your goals (the end points):

1. Write some steps you think will take you closer to each goal. Break each one down into small steps you can actually take.
2. Start doing the steps. Leave room for life to offer you opportunities to reach your goals. It’s not only about what you ‘do’.

Goals & To-do's

Now, I have to go think some more.

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