Christmas Tip

Here’s a simple Christmas tip because the panic is on and it’s only going to get worse. I plan to do this myself.

If you have some nice ancestor portraits all scanned and edited on your computer, just print them. Two by twos or three by fives or four by sixes. Pretty much everyone has a wall or a fridge with magnets.

I keep meaning to make a gallery of them in larger size for a bare wall in my kitchen but it’s such a chore. First I have to choose the pictures. Then I have to burn them to disc. Then I have to drive all the way downtown, about 12 blocks, and put the disc into a machine and press a button.

The photos could have small white borders with captions underneath; ancestor’s name and dates. Like a little deck of playing cards or postcards. Then your relatives who don’t care about genealogy will surely feel compelled to ask a few questions.

Like … who’s Nancy Forsyth, 1812-1897? Well, funny you should ask. That’s your great-great-great-great-great grandmother. My grandnieces would probably want to know next, “Did she have any kids?” Well, as a matter of fact she had ten. Would you like to see pictures of them? Would you like to guess from the other cards?

Better yet, make fridge magnets out of them. Who could resist a fridge magnet with their Xth-great-grandmother on it? There’s still time. I hope I’m not being irreligious.

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