Update: It appears this software no longer exists.

Fototagger came up as a subject in today’s Scanfest. I wouldn’t mention it except that I said I would. I downloaded it, looked around a bit and here’s what I think.

I think they thought they were being ‘revolutionary’ when they put it out in 2006. It hasn’t been updated since July 2008. I suspect it’s been abandoned because technology left their programmer in the dust.

Basically, it’s giving you the option of adding text box or ragged-edged balloon captions and tags to photos, saving them, emailing them or uploading them to Flickr or Blogger. It gave an error message when I tried to use the ’email’ feature. It’s probably linked up by default to Outlook Express and anything else is too complicated for it.

After adding captions you can save a photo as an animation so the captions flash on and off. How irritating.

Or you can save the photo as Merged which just means the captions have become a permanent part of your picture. You can’t save pictures un-merged anywhere except on your own computer. Then, lucky you, you can re-open them and noodle around with the captions.

You can add captions and tags to JPGs only. The captions and tags are not IPTC, or anything else that can be read by other software. ExifTool, which reads absolutely everything, doesn’t even read them.

It has a browser window that supposedly shows you EXIF, IPTC and JPG Comments which is nothing unusual for a photo-viewer. The IPTC view didn’t work for me. The program crashed every single time I clicked on the tab.

So, that’s about it. I found it totally useless. If you must draw circles and squares on your photos, something like the Draw function in FastStone Capture is a better choice. Anything would be a better choice.

I did discover something else when I right-clicked on a photo. This has nothing to with Fototagger. Back when I was writing about ExifToolGUI I downloaded a program called IExif expecting to be trying out another EXIF editor. What I got instead was an EXIF/GPS/IPTC viewer.

Installing this put a couple of new options in the context-menu.

Context Menu, IExif

When I right-click on a photo with embedded co-ordinates, I can choose to be taken to a Google map (and it opens really fast; under one second). Or I can open this summary window and view the EXIF, GPS or IPTC. This works only on JPGs and then only some of those. If you try to open a TIFF it will tell you to go buy IExifPro. That’s $19.99.

Opanda IExif

If you click the Edit button on anything, it will tell you to buy PowerEXIF Editor which is $49.99. Smart advertising on their part. In the meantime, I think it’s pretty neat to have a quick JPG metadata-viewer if you need one. I’m always on the look-out for easy ways for other people to view photo content. XnView will do all this for free on TIFFs as well but it’ll take you a few more seconds to open it.

Passage Express is still around and, as I recall, it has the ability to add tags to photos. The tags only pop out when you run your cursor over them. You could make a really nice photo album presentation using that tagging feature.

Time to say good-bye to Fototagger. Unless I missed something, it’s an old and chintzy piece of software that barely made it off the ground.

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