GeoSetter: GPS & IPTC

If you’re interested in adding IPTC and GPS to your photos and you also need something for free, GeoSetter is the program. It’s been around for a long time and it’s very good.

GeoSetterThe GPS comes from Google Maps and it’s certainly easier to find from within GeoSetter than it is to chase co-ordinates down manually. The only thing not included is Google Street View.

If you can type in an address the map will take you right to it. From there you can add the co-ordinates to one photo or several at a time.

One thing I really like is that you can create a favorites list for locations and their co-ordinates and re-use them. You can also back up the list and re-import it later or send the zip file to someone else and they can import it on their computer.

The metadata (captions, keywords, sources, copyright, location addresses, etc.) in GeoSetter is run by Phil Harvey’s ExifTool although in a user-friendly interface to make it simple. As ExifTool is updated, GeoSetter is too.

Templates and lists can be created and saved for just about anything you do and easily accessed at the click of a button.

The Search options are extensive, covering file-names & file-types as well as all embedded metadata; IPTC & EXIF and also works across sub-folders.

GeoSetter can be used for synchronizing GPS data from your camera, batch-renaming, changing time stamps, and more.

It synchronizes with an online photo gallery service called Locr but that’s optional.

You can export a selection of photos to KMZ format, choosing the fields of information you want shown and have them open instantly in Google Earth.

There is a help file included, although you can probably get started without it and use it later for the more advanced features.

In my opinion it would be best to keep Windows Live Photo Gallery away from your precious photos … GeoSetter is a much better choice.

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