Go Fish Ancestor-Style

I was thinking about a game that could be played with the ancestor cards. Something along the lines of Go Fish Ancestor-Style.

Depending on the size of your deck and how many players, you would deal out a few cards to each. The rest go in the pond.

The game is won when some-one gets X number of immediately-related people (left, right, up or down, it doesn’t matter) and can lay them out in a pattern that has to be inspected and approved by the other players. Of course, the more ancestor-savvy you are the easier it is to play.

There could be a chart on the wall for the newbies, or your database open on a nearby computer because otherwise they won’t have a clue. Ok, this part’s a bit clunky. Maybe start out with a smaller deck until everyone’s up to speed and then add another generation or two.

Obviously, the game is played something like this:

Do you have any Benson’s? No, I don’t, Go Fish!

Do you have any Forsyth’s? (They do and they have to hand one over.)

There could also be a few wild cards in the deck.

You could also have an alternate deck of gravestones pictures. And you could Go Fish for the cemeteries. Do you have any Maple Grove? No I don’t, Go Fish! This would be easier for the newb’s because the cards would have the cemetery names on them and it’s a way of getting to know the ancestors.

Every year as your photo collection grows, so can your playing cards. Your family will be forced to learn the family history and being forced will be so much fun for them.

You probably think I’m joking about this. I’m so whacky from 7 weeks of recovering my photos from Windows Live Photo Gallery I’m actually not.

There’s such a thing as ‘photo card coating spray’. Really. Depending where you live, you can buy blank cards and print your own. Or get a company to print them for you. Here’s one example: PlainCards Store, 144 blank cards for only $12.35 USD.

If one of the genealogy printing companies picks this up just remember to send me my royalties.

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