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by JL Beeken on 1-04-2013

This details how to add keywords using GeoSetter but applies to all other types of IPTC tags.

Thumbnail Browser

Thumbnail Browser, GeoSetter

Open GeoSetter and browse to your folder of images.

Select Image

Select Image, GeoSetter

Highlight the desired image by a single-click. For multiple images, select by holding down the Ctrl key.

Images Menu

Images Menu, GeoSetter

Under Images, click on Edit Data or Ctrl+E. Or you can use the Edit button in the toolbar.

Edit Data

Edit Data, GeoSetter

Click on the Categories/Keywords tab.

Add Keyword(s)

Add Keywords, GeoSetter

Under Keywords, type your keyword and click Enter. Repeat for each keyword. And then click OK at the bottom of this window.

Add Keywords to Multiple Images

Add Keywords to Multiple Images, GeoSetter

When selecting and adding keywords to multiple images, you have to take the extra step of clicking on Set Current Values For All Selected Images at the bottom of the Categories/Keywords window.

Set Current Values For All Selected Images

Set Current Values For All Selected Images, GeoSetter

Select Keywords.

Selected Photos

Selected Photos, GeoSetter

Note that all selected photos on the left will now be in bold.

Changed Thumbnail

Changed Thumbnail, GeoSetter

In the Thumbnail browser, your changed photo(s) will now be highlighted in purple.

Save Image(s)

Save Images, GeoSetter

Click on the Images menu and click Save Changes or Save Changes of Selected Images. Or use the hotkey combination.

Keyword List

Keyword List, GeoSetter

As you add keywords, they are automatically saved to a drop-down list for future use.

Edit Most Recently Used Items

Edit Most Recently Used Items, GeoSetter

If you click the three dots next to the arrow, you can type in a list of keywords or paste them in from another source. Of course, you can also save them from this location.

Expand this process for all other types of tags such as copyright, source, contacts, captions, etc.

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