Slideshow Using IPTC, EXIF & GPS

If you’ve been following along and getting your photos embedded with IPTC captions, keywords, locations, copyrights, etc. you will also be able to share this information by creating slideshows.

You can accommodate a lot of different situations and needs with information that’s already embedded in your photos. And not just IPTC. Also JPG Comments, GPS and other EXIF information.

I’ll demonstrate this with XnView because it’s available to most of us.

Gather together the photos you want to use and click on the slideshow button.

Click on ‘More Options’.

Slide Show, XnView

You’ll probably want to delete because this will show up in your slideshow. Then click on ‘Insert’.

Slide Show, XnView

Then you’ll see a ream of parameters that you can add to the photos in the slideshow you’re about to create.

Slide Show Options, XnView

Choose one you want displayed and then continue adding others. Put some kind of spacer between them so they display better. You can arrange them in any order, on separate lines and also add your own text.

  -  - 

Or just use one. The more you add the more cluttered and messy it can look. What do your viewers need to see? Maybe just the person’s name that’s already in the IPTC caption.

Then go back to the former screen and click on ‘Text settings’.

Text Settings, Slide Show, XnView

Here you can choose your font, font size and color, the color behind your font and the position of the text. Black text on a white background shows well but experiment around.

Click out of this box and go back to the original screen.

First, click ‘Save’ so you can save it as an SLD file and be able to come back and make changes. Then click the ‘Go’ button to preview it. When you’re ready to save it, click ‘Create EXT/SCR and give it a name. And voila! You’ve got a slideshow with a caption on each photo created out of whatever you want.

Slide Show, XnView

Then, go back and play with the details. You can create slideshows on the fly for visiting friends or family. You can view them on your TV if you’re set up for that. You can save them for using in your creative projects. You probably can’t email EXE files because your ISP won’t like that. But you can share them by Dropbox. The options are endless.

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