Windows Live Photo Gallery: Lessons in Metadata Corruption

Windows Live

If you ever wonder where I go when I’m gone, I pitched a tent over at Geoff Coupe’s blog a couple of weeks ago where we’ve been surveying the Windows Live Photo Gallery damage hour by hour around the clock.

Geoff’s in the Netherlands so we work different shifts. We’re both awake during my mornings and early afternoons.

If you’d like to know more, please visit us at Geotagging in Windows Live Photo Gallery–Part 2 for the introduction, or More Problems With Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 for more advanced lessons in metadata corruption.

This is a slice of the pie, direct from Phil Harvey himself:

“Corruption of maker notes is a long-standing problem with both Windows software and Picasa. I don’t really think the software engineers care about this problem or it would have been fixed long ago. These two are the worst out there.”

Even if you’re not using Vista or Windows 7, this is still a wide-ranging education and worthwhile. Really, grab a bottle of wine and come on over.

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