IPTC: Nix on BreezeBrowser

Here’s the short version:

I accidentally added some irrelevant tags to 500 photographs in BreezeBrowser because I didn’t understand the meaning of a button. Ouch. So I went into MediaDex and batch removed them. When I restarted BreezeBrowser the deleted keywords were still attached to the photos. When I went into Adobe Organizer the keywords were gone. In ACDSee Pro they were gone. In XnView they were gone. Only still alive and kicking in BreezeBrowser.

When I added keywords to BreezeBrowser, intentionally, they did not show up in MediaDex or XnView, but they did show up in ACDSee Pro and Adobe Elements.

BreezeBrowser also accepts captions that show up in ACDSee Pro (JPGs only) and Adobe Elements but not in XnView or MediaDex. Anything I delete on TIFFs in BreezeBrowser does not delete in ACDSee Pro, but it does delete on JPGs.

It looks like it might be consistently compatible with Adobe Elements (TIFFs and JPGs anyway) but missing the boat on some other essential factor that makes the other ones work with each other.

Even if I could forgive all that … which I can’t … the working arrangement is the most ridiculously inefficient layout I’ve ever seen. It looks so good; it’s hard to believe it can be as bad as it is.

I tried to prove myself wrong for about 6 hours and finally gave up. If you have less than 100 photos, you might survive. Otherwise, run for your life!

Next stop: Photo Mechanic

2 thoughts on “IPTC: Nix on BreezeBrowser

  1. Ken Watson

    Just want to point out that the problem is not with Breezebrowser, it’s with one of the other programs that was used (likely MediaDex based on the posting). Breezebrowser is 100% IPTC/XMP compatible, in fact it was an early adopter of the IPTC standard (I’ve been using it for digital labelling since 2001).

    The gold standard test for IPTC/XMP labelling is Adobe Photoshop – IPTC/XMP labelling done by Breezebrowser (or deleted from Breezebrowser) is 100% compatible with Photoshop (and the other way around). I know that XnView had IPTC issues a few years ago (they have since fixed it as far as I can tell). The test of any program is to see if Photoshop (full version or Elements) recognizes the labelling since Adobe fully adopted the IPTC standard when they incorporated it into their XMP metadata (and Adobe, as the big boy on the block, tends to set the standards).

    This posting was pointed out to me by someone visiting my digital photos/genealogy website (March, 2016) so to double check I ran a test by labelling both a JPEG and TIF separately in Adobe Photoshop and in Breezebrowser. Both programs fully recognize each other’s labelling. Then I deleted the info from all 4 images in Photoshop and checked with Breezebrowser, all the info was gone (as it should be).

    I’m a photographer and genealogist and Breezebrowser remains the thumbnail program that I use in my daily photo management workflow. So the bottom line is that Breezebrowser is 100% IPTC/XMP compatible (there are still many other photo programs that are not). I also happen to very much like the “working arrangement” of Breezebrowser – I find it fast and very easy to use. I use it for all my photo organizing and labelling and use Adobe Photoshop for editing.

    1. JL Beeken Post author

      I don’t doubt you’re correct about MediaDex. It was horrible software and caused me no end of trouble.

      I was surprised that BreezeBrowser didn’t work for me and I’m sure now that MediaDex was to blame. At the time I wrote this post, six and a half years ago, I was experimenting around with what I could find and didn’t have the whole picture obviously.

      I disagree about Adobe. I don’t think being ‘the big boy on the block’ guarantees anything. I’ve never used the full Photoshop version, just Elements and it’s horrible. It strips out the makernotes and is just generally a PITA to use, what little it’s actually good for.

      I’ve long since settled at Photo Mechanic.


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