Photo Collections: XnView

XnView Photo ViewerPreviously, I described how to create and open photo collections in IrfanView using simple TXT files of file-paths.

Now I’ll show you a much easier way to find your files and create photo collections using XnView. (It’s free and comes in a desktop and portable version.)

How to Create a Photo Collection with XnView

  • Open the XnView browser.
  • Tag the photos you want to add to your collection. (View/Tag/Tag Current or View/Tag/Show tag box will turn the tag box on for all files.)

Tagging Photos, XnView

  • Select the photos you want for your collection by clicking in the tag boxes.
  • Shift+T to show all tagged images
  • Select all, then right-click and choose Copy. This window will appear.

Selecting Tagged Files, XnView

  • Choose either option.
  • Open a plain TXT document (like Notepad) and Paste. You should see a list of file-paths.

Photo Collection

  • Save text file (TXT) with a name.

Now you have a photo collection!

You are not limited to one folder when choosing photos for your collections. You also have the option of searching for files in sub-folders using the Search option. Or you can click on a folder in the browser folder tree. Then right click and choose Show All Files (recursive) which means it will open up all the sub-folders as well showing you the entire file contents.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to re-load TXT files in XnView. This is where IrfanView comes in.

Opening a Photo Collection with Irfanview

  • Open IrfanView. (It’s free and comes in a desktop and portable version.)
  • Click Thumbnail view. (File/Thumbnails)
  • Click Options/Load file list from TXT File.
  • Browse to the file you created above, click on it and Open.

There’s your photo collection in thumbnail view!

Photo Collection, IrfanView

Imagine if you were doing that with dozens or hundreds of pictures at once.

In IrfanView you can:

  • save as a slideshow
  • create a panorama
  • create a contact sheet
  • save the thumbnails as one image
  • save the images as an HTML file
  • copy the files somewhere else

The images you’re looking at in IrfanView are your originals so DO NOT DELETE them. If you have a filing system you like, DO NOT MOVE them either.

You can make as many photo collections as you like and they can be used over and over for different purposes.

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