Pixlr: Online Photo Editor | Photoshop Replacement & Screen Capture

Pixlr EditorIf you need a good photo editor, or even if you don’t, try Pixlr.

Instant Online Photoshop! It requires no installation, no sign-up, no fee. Just Flash Player.

This could spell the death of expensive photo-editing software. What we love about our free market economy.

Create new images or work on ones from your computer. Be sure to check out the brush browser and the filter gallery!

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

Have a look at the other Pixlr products while you’re there:

Also, bookmark the Pixlr blog for latest developments.

The Pixlr Grabber Plugin for Firefox is no longer available.

Pixlr.Imm.io will give you a URL for sharing.
Pixlr Editor is, of course, the main photo editor.
Pixlr Express is the abbreviated photo editor.

If this is the future of software – instead of cluttering up your personal hard-drive, just click a bookmarked URL and have a whole program (no login required) open in your browser – I like it!

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