Restoring Photos: Mind Map Copy & Paste

Windows LiveIn the continuing WLPG saga, restoring photos is down now to 2,469 JPGs left. I know that because I can search the entire ANCESTORS folder for ‘jpg’ in the file-names using Photo Mechanic. That can also be done in XnView.

The next thing I need is a plan because the ANCESTORS folder consists of 109 sub-folders. Sixty-eight of them are the Wiki-OFH project so I’m not as spread out as it sounds. Still, it’s 109 folders, one photo at a time.

The backup photos I have so far are from a variety of sources and they’re not even necessarily the ones I need. Without exception, the originals have been renamed and had their IPTC data altered since the backups were made. Many of them now exist in new folder structures. So, undoubtedly, this is going to be a challenge.

Step 1. Generate a file-list using Directory List & Print and these two options:

Directory List & Print

That gives me a list of 109 entries which line up perfectly with what I just said.

Directory List & Print

Step 2. Open in an Excel spreadsheet, open it in Word or Copy to Clipboard and paste it anywhere.

Just last night I discovered drag & drop in FreeMind. I can literally paste the entire list of 109 folders onto a node in FreeMind. My To-Do node, of course.

Copy & Paste, FreeMind

Needless to say, I could easily get lost in multiple versions of 2,469 photos opened in several folders and various required programs across two monitors. This folder list will allow me to stay focused and delete or tick folders off as I go.

Apply the concept as you may see fit. I hope to be back here sometime before Spring.

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