Sam & Friends: Attaching Photos To Email

My cousin, Sam, has some new companions who have just come on board.

One is a cousin who’s never had a computer. He’s 67 years old and is quite adept with a pen and tablet of paper, thank you very much. He expected me to keep answering him forever in the same fashion. Ha! I sent him my old laptop. Amazingly … over the past week he’s got himself signed up to hotmail.

Other than that this new tool has given him a bad bout of insomnia. Mostly, he’s sitting across the room from the machine, capital T-Terrified. This morning I got an email asking if the Internet would keep running if he forgot to shut it down before turning off the computer because he did that last night and he couldn’t sleep. I think I can safely say No. But, in times of doubt, disconnect all the wires and knock yourself out with a hammer.

The other one is an old school chum whose picture I came upon while surfing the web. No relation except through shared adventures many years ago. She lives in the boonies and prefers animals to people so computers are not a high priority. When she does get there she uses dial-up. Which I can’t even imagine. If I had to wait more than a split second for a web page I wouldn’t have any hair left.

Her question is how to attach a picture to an email. So, in honor of my new guests, this is the answer. You’ve got at least 3 choices.

1. Start with the photo. Right-click and go to ‘Send to’ and then to ‘Mail Recipient’. That will start an email with the picture already attached.

If you’re using this option in Windows XP, it will throw up an annoying little box that asks you what size you want your pictures sent. It always makes them smaller by default. Most of the time I don’t want them smaller, either coming or going, and I have to beg and plead with people to remember to click “Keep the original sizes”. (Another mind-numbing aside: If you’ve added IPTC info to your pictures, and you let Windows change the size, it will strip it out.)

Windows XP: Send Pictures via E-Mail

2. After starting a new email, click on ‘Attach’ (file) and browse to the picture location, click on the picture and click ‘Open’. That will attach the picture to the email you’re writing. If you want multiple pictures, hold your Ctrl key down and click on each one. Then click Open.

3. Click the button to start a new email. Make sure your cursor is inside the writing space. When you’re at the point where you want to insert the picture, Click ‘Insert’ and then ‘Image’ (or something like that, depending on your email program) follow your nose to the picture location, click on the picture and click ‘Open’.

And do try to get some sleep. Especially when you’re not used to it, lack of sleep can make a computer screen feel like an acid-trip.

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