Windows Live Photo Gallery: GPS Update

Windows LiveHot off the press. In an email from the Windows Live Photo Gallery Project Manager –

Summary of the changes:

· GPS coordinates on a file are read-only inside of WLPGWLPG will never add, change or delete the GPS coordinates.

· If a file contains GPS coordinates when it’s brought in to WLPG, reverse geocoding will be triggered and location strings are displayed in the info pane, users can rename or remove the strings but GPS coordinates won’t be touched. Users may Rename a location but it will leave a mismatch between the coordinates and the string since the coordinates are read-only.

· If a file does not contain GPS coordinates, users will be able to geotag by adding a string (that gets validated against Bing as it does today) but no GPS coordinates are added to the file. The user can remove the string or rename it.

· If the file contains a geo name only, there will be no GPS coordinates calculated for it.

It makes no difference to me. I will be cleaning up the WLPG damage for months to come. The fixes don’t address the compression or EXIF issues. I will never have Windows Live Photo Gallery on my computer again. Or any of the rest of Windows Live Essentials which have taken a dive into dumber-and-dumber. I will probably never use another Windows operating system.

I don’t see any excuse for software doing anything to anyone’s photographs except optional enhancements and I don’t trust Microsoft as far as I can spit. They seem to think they can think better than people can think for themselves about their own possessions and that’s just plain scary.

For a more thorough analysis of the present state of Windows Live Photo Gallery, read Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 – Status Report 2 at Geoff Coupe’s blog. I think he’s fair in what he says.

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