AirDropper: Dropbox For Non-Dropbox Users

DropboxProblem solved. AirDropper is a way for your Dropbox-less friends to send files to your Dropbox.

Seems it would be easy enough for them to get their own Dropbox account and share a folder with you but this is not always the case. My cousin, Sam, for instance could not sign up for Dropbox without getting lost. Email address, password, download and install a small file. That’s all it takes.

Assuming you already have a Dropbox account –and if you don’t, click on a Dropbox link here and accept my invitation –what you do instead is send people an invitation to send you files. I don’t think Sam would find this any easier but some people might. Go over to AirDropper, click the Start button, sign into your Dropbox account, and then fill in the form.

Put your email address, their email address, or not, and a message of some kind. Leaving it blank doesn’t work.



After clicking SEND, you’ll get a URL and a password. Email them this information if you haven’t already. All they have to do is go to that URL, put in the password, browse to upload files and click the Send button. They’ll go directly into your Dropbox.

I sent photos to my own Dropbox to test this and somewhere along the process it asked me to allow AirDropper to connect with it. When I said Yes, a shared folder called AirDropper was created in My Dropbox.

Since all sent files go to that same folder I don’t see any point in filling out this form each time but it’s not possible to reuse a  URL and password. In other words, if someone is going to make a habit of sending you files regularly they might as well have their own Dropbox account. That’s what I said at the beginning.

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