An Alternative to IntelliShare | Legacy Family Tree

Legacy Family TreeAfter a couple days of thinking about the IntelliShare failure and the reasons, I came up with another idea.

First of all, I think IntelliShare is a great idea put forth by people who have been doing genealogy from birth and they probably know what they’re talking about.

However, Cuz does not want to compromise on a shared file and that’s OK. We’ll just move on.

At this point, she has my family file and I have hers. So, what I’ve proposed is that we send each other periodic updates to be imported and merged into the copies we have of each other’s databases to be perused as our front line ‘research’ files, a common research file being a concept she suggested. Instead of one we share, this way we each have our own and are responsible for what we do with it.

This is done through going to Search/Find/Detailed Search in Legacy and doing a search on:

Individual/Modified Date/After[date of the last time a file was sent]

and exporting the search results to a new family file.

When I get her exported file I will import and merge it into my copy of her family file.

This is simpler than the merged-database-in-the-middle idea, but still fraught with issues and inefficiencies. But, at this point, it’s the best I’ve got and the only other option is to kiss her efforts good-bye and go back to trying to do it all alone.

On her side, she’s busy merging my database into hers and making changes to suit her ‘style’. When she exports the changes back to me this file will also include variations on people from the file I sent to her but not necessarily containing any real changes.

I will then import and merge these into my copy of her file. And I will continue doing this and cleaning it up until her family file starts looking like something I want to import into my main file.

If/when this merge ever takes place, finding real changes on the Legacy Merge screen amidst the re-arranged-same-stuff could be like looking for needles in a haystack.

In the meantime, when I export changes out of my main file, she’s going to get the nFS standard for locations back whether she wants it or not, and my Notes formatting. And she’s going to have to wade through that again making her style changes every step of the way. After awhile she may realize we’re right back to Square 1 — we cannot share family files without compromise or a lot of swimming upstream against the current.

(Not to mention, she’s thrown away an extensive and well-established filing system by insisting on this type of process.)

But here we are. We’ll see.

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