Dropbox Review: Sync & Share Files | 2GB Free

DropboxOff to a slow start with Dropbox, but I’ve got it now. Backing up, syncing and sharing files is what this is about.  You download and install a small file that makes a folder on your computer called ‘My Dropbox’. It fits right in with My Pictures and My Videos in Windows.  It also works on Mac and Linux.

Inside My Dropbox looks like this:


You can create other folders inside the existing folders or you can create other folders.  Anything you want synced with your online account just copy it in there. Think of it as pickin’ and choosin’ your backups. Within seconds of  putting a file into your Dropbox, it’s online. But not online publicly unless you use the Public folder and share the links.

Here’s the part I really like:

Without having to log in anywhere, I can right-click on a folder (It only works with folders, not individual files) and click the Share button.

Share Links, Dropbox

It automatically takes me to this screen inside my account where I can send email invitations:

Sharing Files, Dropbox

In the case of Photo folders, in the right-click menu, there’s also the option to Copy public gallery link.

Sharing Photos, Dropbox

One click and it’s on the clipboard. All you have to do is click Paste in an email or blog post and there it is … a link to your online photo gallery.  You can have as many photo folders as you want, each with their own URL.

If you want to change the pictures in a picture folder, just change them in My Dropbox and the changes are automatically reflected online.

Or, I could do as above and only share them with chosen invitees.

If you right-click on an individual file, Dropbox will give you Revisions, which also automatically logs you into your account, from which you can access everything else.

Revisions, Dropbox

If you have more than one computer, Dropbox will sync files to your other computers, so you don’t have to wonder where your latest file versions are. Make the change on one computer, it’s automatically synced to the web and synced to your other computers. How amazing is that?

Of course, from the web interface you can also view and share your files and photos. You can make more folders. You can delete files. Whatever you do will automatically show up in your My Dropbox folder on your computer. If you delete files, snapshots of them are saved in your account so you can un-delete them at any time.

2GB free storage. Worth playing around with. Especially if you have a second computer. Or want an easy way to share files.

But P.S. Don’t try using it for your family wiki.  That would be like taking a car apart, putting the pieces in a shoebox and expecting it to run.  Dropbox is a storage facility, not a hard-drive.

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