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HightailNowadays, online file back up and sharing is ubiquitous. When I wrote this post about YouSendIt almost 7 years ago, it was a big deal. In the interim YouSendIt became Hightail and added mobile apps and access as well. For the sake of present relevance, here it is again in a refreshed format.

Hightail is a secure online service for sending or sharing files and folders larger than email can handle. If you don’t have an account you can easily get one. Just sign up with an email address and password and you’re in. There’s a comparison of plans so you can choose the one that suits you.

Hightail Desktop creates a folder where you can back up files and folders; similar to Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also get apps for iOS and Android. A free account has 2GB of storage.

A Hightail account also includes a free service that will allow you to email files up to 250MB in size. You upload them from your computer and Hightail will send your recipient an email with a link where they can download your mail.


Note where it says “Select” or “Upload” – this does mean a file. In other words, if you have several files, you’ll have to fetch them one at a time. Remember, this is the free version. This is where zip folders can come in handy. How to Zip files.

Hightail Express

Hightail Express also allows you to email files straight from your desktop. Or just go to their homepage and drag a file onto the large orange square.

Hightail Express

I sent myself a file and immediately received an email confirmation of the file sent and another email of the file received with a download link.

On your desktop or laptop, this screen will open where you can sign in and manage all your account options as well as send or receive files. Although the file I sent to myself was done as described above it was still listed here.

Hightail Express

Hightail accounts come in 4 flavors: Lite (free), Professional, Teams and Enterprise. The choices range from more-than-most-of-us-would-ever-need to enough. Single files or folders or zip folders can be sent with the Lite account. You can also pay a little more for extra service on a one-time basis. These are completely optional and only there for your convenience if you need them.

Hightail Express

Obviously, you can zip and encrypt files before you add them here.

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